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In Your Home, Library, School, Recreational Center, Church, Hospital…

Sonia Marie Olivas is an experienced music teacher. During the 10+ years of teaching harp lessons, she has developed a teaching style that is custom made for each student.  Online Music Lessons available via Skype at Sonia Marie Olivas. This is great for those that are unable to attend the lessons due to vacation, relocation… 

Her music teaching studio is located at 600 St. Andrews Road, Newport Beach, CA 92663. 

You are invited to the Fall Harp Student Recital on Saturday, Dec. 10th at 1pm in the Chapel of St. Andrews Church. Click Here for more details!

Harp Student Recital

harp music lessons*  Harp :  Ages 5-100
*  Music genres : Classical, Latin, Celtic, Pop/Rock, Disney, Broadway…
*  Music lessons : Performance, Technique and Theory    skills.
*  Private ( 1 ) &  Group ( 2 + )
*  Recitals : Fall & Spring (optional)
*  Afternoon, Evening and Weekend Classes
*  Performance Opportunities with the Orange County Philharmonic Society’s Cameo Committee, St. Andrews Church Music Academy.
                       ~ Lesson Testimonials ~

Julia & Yellow Harp

“All is going very well. Sonia is professional and has a nice way about her… she has  just the right level of seriousness for my  daughter, Anastasia. I am seeing a lot of  progress! Overall, I am very impressed and happy with the (music) lessons as well as  the results.”                                                                                                                       – Kathy Lukianov

“ Truman’s (music) lessons are a positive  experience and we look forward to each lesson…”- Gaylin Allbaugh

” She (Sonia) is a dedicated teacher and excellent at what she does. Caroline lovesher…thanks so much !”- Carol Colvin



Lesson Rates

Private ( 1 )  $ 60 per hour (studio) $75 per hour (travel )

Group Classes (2-5 students)

* Tuition : $375 for 12 One Hour 

* Summer Sessions: June 1st – September 9th (Beginning, Intermediate & Advance)

* Days & Times : Monday – Friday (afternoon & evening) Saturday (morning)

* Harp Rental: $25 per month (not included with tuition)

* Books: Subject to Instrument and Level (not included with tuition)

* Recitals: September, December and June (included with tuition)

* Harp Rental Description: 33”tall | 26 strings | 3 1/2 octaves,

G to C below Middle C | 4 pounds

Music Education Sonia Marie Olivas has graduated from California State University of Northridge with B.A. degree in Music an emphasis on Early Childhood Education and World Music. She has studied under the expert tutelage of such talents as Maria Casale (Juilliard School of Music), Susan Allen (California Arts Institute), Alfredo Rolando Ortiz (internationally acclaimed Paraguayan Harpist), Stella Castelluci (renown pop & jazz harpist), and Christina Tourin (International Harp Therapy Director).

Music Benefits

* Music appreciation students scored 63 points higher on the verbal and 44 points higher on the math for the SAT. College-Bound Seniors National Report: Profile of SAT Program Test Takers, The College Entrance Examination Board, Princeton, New Jersey.

* The musician is constantly adjusting decision on tempo, tone, style, rhythm, phrasing, an feeling-training the brain to become incredibly good at organizing and conducting numerous activities at once. Dedicated practice of this orchestration can have a great payoff for lifelong attentional skills, intelligence, and an ability for self-knowledge and expression.Ratey John J., MD. A User’s Guide to the Brain. New York: Pantheon Books, 2001.

* Music can regulate higher brain function, language and the development of speech. Music can modify posture and create an emotional atmosphere that decreases stress. Dr. Alfred Tomatis

* A Rockefeller Foundation study discovered that music majors have the highest rate of admittance to medical schools, followed by biochemistry and the humanities.

Other Helpful Links: American Music Conference, M.E.N.C.



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