Harp Music Therapy

What is Harp Music Therapy?Harp Music Therapy

Harp Music Therapy is an ancient art. Recently, this pioneering discipline has been revived. It’s a means through which the resonant sound of the harp provides comfort care. In this work, we bring the gift of being fully present to another person. Using the gateway of the harp as a tool, we hope to provide a gentle ‘cradle of sound’ to support individuals in times of physical, emotional and spiritual stress. The main areas we address are breathing, anxiety, fear, pain and depression. Harp Therapy is not entertainment or atmospheric music. It’s not a bedside concert. In the giving of our full attention and presence to each patient, we assess breathing patterns, looking for signs of tension in the body and on the face. When patients are on blood pressure and heart monitors, we can see the effect of the music on the person’s physiology. Sarah Schwartz

Why is the harp so powerful as an instrument of healing? One theory is that because the harp is held close to the heart while it is being played, healing energy that emanates from the heart of the player can more readily enter the body and spirit of the person who is ill. Christina Tourin, Intl. Harp Therapy Director 


Harp Music Therapy Settings:  Schools, Hospices, Hospitals, Burn Centers, Dentist Offices, Cancer Centers, Funeral Homes, Self-Help Centers, Children’s Homes, Alzheimer Centers, Woman’s Auxilliaries, Rehabilitation Centers, Correctional Institutions, Holistic Health Retreats, Yoga & Tai Chi Centers, Long- Term Care Facilities, Health/Spas/Massage Centers, Corporate Stress Management and Emergency Room.

Harp Music Therapy Situations: Agitation, Alzheimer’s Disease, Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism & Cerebral Palsy, Blind Harpers, Cancer, Coma, Disaster Relief, Hearing Impaired-Deaf, Harp Therapy and the Heart, Hypnotherapy, Labyrinths and Harp Music, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Neonatal, Parkinson’s Disease, Pets and Animals, Rehabilitation, Stroke, Visualizations


My Journey

My journey of pursuing to be a certified therapeutic harp practitioner began with thought of being able to enhance the well-being of people’s lives through the ancient art of music therapy and in particular, harp therapy.

I enjoy playing the pedal, lap and Paraguayan harp for various clients for an array of different events such as yoga retreats, birthday parties, celebration of life, candlelight dinners, concert hour and room to room visits.

Have you had your musical hug today?

Try wrapping your arms around a harp! It rests gently against your chest while being nestled between your knees. When you give the harp a hug and strum the strings, the vibrations of the strings will create a beautiful sound that will truly warm your heart.


“Dear friend,

Thank you Sonia for your wonderful harp playing. I could still feel the vibrations on my hospital bed even after you had stopped playing. As I recorded you playing on my phone, I could see the smiles on the faces of the people around the room. This was truly a special treat.”


Violet Viall

Therapy Harp “Harpsicle/Sharpsicle : 33” tall | 26 strings |3 ½ octaves, G to C below Middle C | 4 pounds | Colors: Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Maple

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