Sunset Harp Melodies

Harp Music Album: Sunset Harp Melodies a harp & flute album beautifully performed by Sonia Marie Olivas. 

Sunset Harp Melodies Album

This album is an exquisite collection of original latin songs beautifully performed by harpist, Sonia Marie Olivas on her beloved concert pedal harp and flute. Inspired by her love for sunsets, she chose these original works that will take you on an unforgettable Latin voyage full of vibrant tranquility.

Click Here for Audio of Un Vals Para Soñar ( A Waltz for Dreaming )

Click Here for Audio of  Cocorná

Click Here for You Tube Videos of Un Vals Para Soñar (A Waltz for Dreaming )

Click Here for You Tube Videos of Nuestros Sueños (Our Dreams)

1. Un Vals Para Soñar ( A Waltz for Dreaming )

2. Nuestros Sueños ( Our Dreams )

3. Tú Ventana ( Your Window )

4. Cocorná

5. Una Vals Para Nacimiento ( A Waltz for a Birth )

6. Canto del Pilón ( Mortar Song )

7. Zamba for a Rainy Day

8. A Un Recuerdo ( To a Memory )

9. Fiesta Noche ( Party Night )

10. Luzma’s Dance

11. Tango Triste ( Sad Dance )

12. La Guabina

13. Iguazú

14. Milonga Para Amar ( Milonga for Loving )

15. Nuestros Sueños with flute

16. Canto del Pilón with flute

17. Luzma’s Dance with flute

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